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CEnergyS - The Solution For High Energy Costs

Electricity rates continue to rise globally. No matter where your business, institution, or organization is located you will face higher and higher operating costs. We understand and we can help by cutting your facility’s energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions by 8% to 30% guaranteed.

We employ a wide range of alternatives to energy cost reduction and will custom engineer a project specifically for your operation. We become your energy management option to control your energy consumption and eliminate wasted energy that is costing your business. We can also treat the various electrical loads in your facility with several different IEEE recommended, passive technologies to maximize savings and payback.

Energy Saving Solutions

Your current electric meter registers the kWh used but can't tell you where and how energy is being wasted in your facility.

We have the solution.

CENERGYS does more than tell you how much energy you are using. Our intelligent energy monitoring and management systems and products are unique. CENERGYS not only identifies where and how your electricity is being used, we can solve many of the problems that contribute to inefficient electrical distribution systems and higher electricity bills. We help you take practical steps to substancially reduce how much energy your facility uses, and save money in the process.

CEnergyS Vision

At CEnergyS, our vision is to become the leader of energy efficiency engineering providers that optimize systems and facility’s reliability, efficiency, performance, and operating costs. It is our goal to be recognized as the best energy efficiency engineering firm, while helping you achieve your business goals.

CEnergyS Mission

Our mission is to provide your business with a reliable and cost-effective way to reduce your energy costs by increasing the energy efficiency throughout the facility, giving your business the advantage and competitiveness of lower operating costs, lower equipment and systems breakdowns and maintenance costs, and higher equipment efficiency. We put you in control of your energy consumption.

Our mission also involves helping the environment and reducing the carbon footprint created from excessive energy generation. By increasing electrical systems efficiency and operation we reduce the amount of energy to be generated, thus reducing the greenhouses gasses deposited in the environment that increases global warming and contamination. Helping the environment will benefit our way of living and we will make sure to leave the next generations with a clean and livable planet.


CEnergyS is a proud member of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce.


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